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Company Profile and Scope

At SafeWorks, we take quality very seriously. Our customers depend on us to supply products that meet exacting quality standards and performance, to keep them productive and safe. Because quality is so important to us, we employ among the most experienced talent in the industry. Our welders and fabricators have an average industry experience of over 17 years and hold AWS, GTAW, SMAW & FCAW certifications. Our manufacturing and quality managers bring over 50 years experience in the industry. We relentlessly deploy Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma methodologies to insure we are continuously improving our product and service quality. We apply best practices from industries as diverse as electronics, automotive and aerospace.

To sum up our quality management in one word…ACCOUNTABILITY. We hold ourselves and our suppliers accountable for producing and servicing products to exacting design and performance specifications because we put people to work at height, every day.